Elite 32 Tournament - Own a Team

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OWN A TEAM (Elite 32 Tournament)


This is for ownership and entry in the Elite 32 Pro Am Tourney. Once you purchase a team you will need to submit your roster to this thread: http://www.eliteteamplay.com/showthread.php?3881-Elite-32-Pro-Am-Tourney&p=19863#post19863

- This will be a 5v5 Pro Am Tournament with a max of 32 teams
- Entrants must be 18 years of age or older to receive payment, otherwise, we must obtain permission from a consenting adult to issue prizes.
- Take time to read over the rules in the link above.
- Prizes are $150 for each team to make it to the finals and $500 more for the champion, totaling $800 in cash prizes
- Prizes are paid out via PayPal.

***In order to receive any payouts, you must be 18 or have a parents approval***
1099 will be utilized in all prize monies given out. This is not gambling as it is a skill based game based on an individual skill. Also entry fee can be earned by utilizing free to play currency and exchanging for Gold EC. This is a prize pool not a gift or funds accumulated from entry.

**Must have minimum number of entries above or you will be credited Gold back to your account**